• Search Engine Optimisation

    Thinking up a topic for content generation via Keyword Research / Mining

    We’ve all had problems, one way or another, when it comes to content generation. Be it for a blog or for a company website, or even for a client of yours. The main problem which I will address in this post is the process of formulating a topic within your niche to write about, which is one of the most common problem you will encounter during your content generation process.

  • Search Related

    Google Search within results option

    Is it me or has Google launched a new tool which allows you to search for things within the results of something you have already searched for. I hardly ever scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page but when I ran a “site:” function on my blog site to check how many pages were indexed, I noticed the “Search within results” option. Right next to that there was the good old language tool for the compulsory searches of japanese animation and gaming information I run on a daily bases.