• Start up ideas

    Mood tagging – A way to tag anything with a mood or emotion

    This is a weird one and I don’t believe it has been done yet, but the idea is relatively basic and I couldn’t find any competitive advantage over existing tagging (based) websites. Either way, I felt it was a good idea at the time and I will now dispense this so that someone else can implement it. I only ask that you at least send me an email if you decide to take this idea as your owns. Don’t worry, I don’t want any money from you, I just want to know if it was successful or not, I wouldn’t mind if you gave me credit as we =).

  • Search Engine Marketing

    The importance of branding and marketing online

    As a search engine optimiser, I spend most of my time performing tasks to help websites rank higher on Google Serps. These tasks include link building, content creation, on page optimisations and creating link baits. Although these tasks can directly affect the position a website is placed on the SERPs, it does little to establish an active relationship with potential customers. This is when branding and general online marketing comes into play.

  • Making money online

    Google Adsense publishing as a business model – feasible or not

    Google Adsense, an advertising program which allows web masters to publish advertisements on their website has been around for quite some time. It has been a known way to monetize websites, mostly be bloggers and content based websites. However, in light of a debate whether using Adsense as a solid business model is feasible or not, I decided to write this post as to why I use Adsense and if I believe it can generate a solid income for others.

  • Making money online

    Adsense Revenue dropped after using Competitive Ad filter

    I have noticed a significant drop in traffic after I started using the competitive ad filter to remove MFA (Made for adsense) ads from my website. To be exact, my revenue dropped by 90% per day, it affect the CTR as well as average CPC. I, much like other Adsense publishers, are really anal about which ad we want to display and which we want to filter, and by using the the Competitive ad filter, we can achieve this to ultimately increase adsense revenue. Little did I know that the exact opposite would happen.