• Search Engine Optimisation

    Stop wasting link authority on low quality pages

    I have recently noticed that most of my tag pages are supplementary results on Google, which basically tells me either those pages just don’t have enough links for Google to trust them or they are just crap (or duplicate content). It has always been wrongly implied that the more pages you have, the better the chance of you getting found. To an extent its true, however if 80% to 90% of your pages are rubbish, then you can kiss your Google ranking goodbye.

  • Search Related

    Google Search within results option

    Is it me or has Google launched a new tool which allows you to search for things within the results of something you have already searched for. I hardly ever scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page but when I ran a “site:” function on my blog site to check how many pages were indexed, I noticed the “Search within results” option. Right next to that there was the good old language tool for the compulsory searches of japanese animation and gaming information I run on a daily bases.

  • Search Related

    Google URL Removal Tool now in Webmaster Console

    So here is the situation, you have a spiffy website with heaps of great content, maybe a few personal blog posts regarding people or companies you do not like. One day, you get a phone call for some lawyer threatening to take your website down and you with it if you don’t remove one or two of your blog posts. Like most bloggers, you get scared and remove the posts, but unfortunately the post still lingers as a cached copy on Google’s index. Well, its time for you to use Google’s URL Removal tool.