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    Australian SEO Rankings Dropped on Google

    Ok, I haven’t blogged for awhile due to a busy lifestyle which is keeping me very far away from my website, as well as Twitter for thoes who follow me. Anyways, I was using www.seo-browser.com to check out how my website looks on a text browser, and to my surprise I fould hundreds of spamy links on the footer of my homepage. Atfirst I thought www.seo-browser.com was just broken as I would never add random links to spam websites. But it turns outI got hacked!

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    MDwebhosting suspended my account for no reason

    Mdwebhosting, my Australian web host decided to suspend my account for little to no reason one day (the 10th of June) to be exact. Atleast I thought it was for no reason at first, and I didn’t really have time to fix the problem due to a million things happening in my life. Fortunately, I had all my passwords and resource information on my Gmail account (thank god for Gmail) and was able to login to find out the reason why my account was blocked.