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    The Age says that Most search engine optimisation companies are ‘unethical’

    I hardly ever read The age, however I was lucky enough to read Aaron Wall’s seo blog which pointed to an article regarding search engine optimisation firms with in Australia. It turns out that recently, a well known SEO firm Found Agency, was penalised by Google for ‘unethical’ methods for their ranking. The Age took up this opportunity to quote anonymous ‘reliable‘ sources to bad mouth the SEO community in Australia.

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    Scrapers abuses your sitemap.xml

    The relatively new Sitemap.xml protocol has been readily accepted by webmasters around the world as the best way to help crawlers navigate through your website. However, being as useful as it may to search engines, the Sitemap.xml protocol has also helped content thieves and data miners by providing them the necessary data to scrape a website.

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    Google Search within results option

    Is it me or has Google launched a new tool which allows you to search for things within the results of something you have already searched for. I hardly ever scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page but when I ran a “site:” function on my blog site to check how many pages were indexed, I noticed the “Search within results” option. Right next to that there was the good old language tool for the compulsory searches of japanese animation and gaming information I run on a daily bases.

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    Google URL Removal Tool now in Webmaster Console

    So here is the situation, you have a spiffy website with heaps of great content, maybe a few personal blog posts regarding people or companies you do not like. One day, you get a phone call for some lawyer threatening to take your website down and you with it if you don’t remove one or two of your blog posts. Like most bloggers, you get scared and remove the posts, but unfortunately the post still lingers as a cached copy on Google’s index. Well, its time for you to use Google’s URL Removal tool.

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    Google updates Page rank on 1st of May 2007

    Well well, a Google Page rank update and almost all my websites are up to a PR3 or more. Pixel Square Production website is now officially a PR4 and my previously owned website LiveHouse.com.au is now PR5 (I haven’t really done anything to it for 6 months). Have a look at your websites, you’d be surprised at the change, that is of course assuming you have already done a lot of SEO work to it already. Overall a good day for me..so far.

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    Removal of malicious links from Adwords

    Though I personally have never experienced this before, it seems that there has been multiple accounts of Adwords purchased links which takes users to “unfriendly” websites that tries to install malicious software on visiting users. Luckily, Google has finally taken action to remove (hopefully ban) these Adwords accounts and continual effort has been made to prevent this from ever happening again.

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    Adsense Revenue dropped after using Competitive Ad filter

    I have noticed a significant drop in traffic after I started using the competitive ad filter to remove MFA (Made for adsense) ads from my website. To be exact, my revenue dropped by 90% per day, it affect the CTR as well as average CPC. I, much like other Adsense publishers, are really anal about which ad we want to display and which we want to filter, and by using the the Competitive ad filter, we can achieve this to ultimately increase adsense revenue. Little did I know that the exact opposite would happen.