• Search Engine Marketing

    The importance of branding and marketing online

    As a search engine optimiser, I spend most of my time performing tasks to help websites rank higher on Google Serps. These tasks include link building, content creation, on page optimisations and creating link baits. Although these tasks can directly affect the position a website is placed on the SERPs, it does little to establish an active relationship with potential customers. This is when branding and general online marketing comes into play.

  • Making money online

    Can blogging make you rich or not?

    Recently, there has been many articles online and offline (on magazines such as Cosmo and Cleo – my fiance reads them) regarding people getting famous by blogging online. Of course fame and riches goes hand in hand in most cases and the people mentioned are most certainly a lot more well of than they were before they started blogging.

  • Personal

    When things break and trees get chopped

    My dad decided to chop the trees in our back yard down, probably because of the bats that kept coming to eat the bloody berries (which evidently grew on the trees). I could’ve sworn that it was illegal to just go chopping trees like that, at least without direct approval from the council. Regardless, its done already and the back yard is a mess, and I really mean a mess. I had to take a picture with my phone just to illustrate to you how much of a mess it is.

  • Personal

    A new blog symbolises a new beginning

    Over the many years of blogging starting all the way back in 1999 (yes, you guessed it – blogger.com) I have started and abandoded many blogs. Many of which are of decent quality with great & entertaining content. My most recent blog was at LiveHouse.com.au, an Australian blog host which I founded and funded. It was a personal blog of my daily encounters & contains many links and goodies. Unfortunately, I sold LiveHouse.com.au for a heathy profit and eventually lost interest in my blog.