• Personal

    Learning How launches today!

    Well its the the year 2008, 6th of January and already I have a new venture starting up. Yes, thats right, I have decided to start launching websites once again, and this year is prime time for me baby! I present to you Learning How, an article website dedicated to relatively educational topics.

  • Blogging

    The forumla for being a top Australian blogger

    As a search engine optimiser, I have always been interested in different types of lists which bloggers and authority figures conjure up. One recently list have caught my attention, and that is the infamous Top 100 Australian Bloggers list made by Meg. The aim of this list is to formulate the ultimate Australian Blogroll which ultimately provides Australian bloggers with the much needed attention it currently lacks.

  • Personal

    When things break and trees get chopped

    My dad decided to chop the trees in our back yard down, probably because of the bats that kept coming to eat the bloody berries (which evidently grew on the trees). I could’ve sworn that it was illegal to just go chopping trees like that, at least without direct approval from the council. Regardless, its done already and the back yard is a mess, and I really mean a mess. I had to take a picture with my phone just to illustrate to you how much of a mess it is.

  • Personal

    A new blog symbolises a new beginning

    Over the many years of blogging starting all the way back in 1999 (yes, you guessed it – blogger.com) I have started and abandoded many blogs. Many of which are of decent quality with great & entertaining content. My most recent blog was at LiveHouse.com.au, an Australian blog host which I founded and funded. It was a personal blog of my daily encounters & contains many links and goodies. Unfortunately, I sold LiveHouse.com.au for a heathy profit and eventually lost interest in my blog.

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    Easter holiday means Easter Show means no money left

    I can barely remember the last time I visited the royal easter show (must’ve been the year 2001) but we (Bianca, Yan, Nancy and myself) decided to visit it once again, just for old time sake. Turned up to be an enjoyable day, but we did blow a lot of money out on those “you can’t lose” games. Basket ball through, poker ball rolling and dart throwing, unfortunately we didn’t really win anything worth mentioning.