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Mood tagging – A way to tag anything with a mood or emotion

This is a weird one and I don’t believe it has been done yet, but the idea is relatively basic and I couldn’t find any competitive advantage over existing tagging (based) websites. Either way, I felt it was a good idea at the time and I will now dispense this so that someone else can implement it. I only ask that you at least send me an email if you decide to take this idea as your owns. Don’t worry, I don’t want any money from you, I just want to know if it was successful or not, I wouldn’t mind if you gave me credit as we =).

Mood / Emotion Tagging

The ability to tag information, websites, music or anything taggable with the certain emotion you feel about it. In other words, you can tag things on the way you feel about it. The overall outcome is that each item in life, be it the latest pop music or most recent news, will be tagged with a general consensus of how it made people feel

Usefulness: I am not 100% sure if this is useful at all, however I can see how marketers can use this information to further develop or fine tune their products. For example, if the new Nokia mobile phone was tagged of “disappointed” and they read the comments of “why” it was disappointing, then Nokia can use that information to make a better product next time.

Novelty: The name of the idea is novel enough, especially with all the “emo“people on MySpace, this has a very high chance of being viral. Then again, things which spread quickly, usually fade really quickly, so there are some reservation on how great it can be.

Competition: None really, that is unless you take into consideration potential competitors, then del.lic.ious would probably be one and a host of other book marking websites which would easily take on this idea with limited effort.

Cost: Your time (if you’re a programmer) and hosting / domain fees, not much really.

Ability to generate revenue: Only way I can think of as of now is by advertisement and selling information to consumer companies (Nokia, toyota etc etc).

Funny now that I have typed this up, I suddenly feel that this may be a great idea, although I seriously do not have time to complete this project myself. If you are looking to take up this project, do let me know via email as I have a lot of ideas as to how this can work and should work. This is a small project, however if implemented correctly may have a huge affect on people online. Most likely very viral and if widgets are made for MySpace, you can even tag people with an emotion.

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