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Strategies for launching a successful website subsection

I must apologise for the lack of Search engine optimisation related posts due to my increasing workload and my tired tired little eyes (yes I’m Chinese) after work. However, as promised I have written up a short post about generic ways on how to launch a subsection on an existing site. Learn how to successfully rank the new pages on Google with the following simple steps.

First things first, when I say subsection I mean a small part of a website which does not include sub domains. I am generally against sub domains in terms of SEO. Sub domains does become useful when it comes to personal websites or really large websites which can actually be broken into smalled medium sized websites. Anyway, back on topic, how to launch a subsection of an existing website.

Steps to launch a subsection of a website

  • First things first is to NOT make a subdomain, making a mini site on a subdomain would spilt your page rank and there
  • Retain the original brand within the page title however place the name of the new subsite BEFORE the original brand.
  • When building inbound links, use the new keywords you wish to target and link directly to those pages. This is deep linking and will benefit your entire website as a whole
  • Watch your competition if they exist, copy them if they are the industry leader and use the “link:” function on Google to find the websites linking to them. Try to obtain a deal with those websites to get your link up with appropriate anchor text and linking to the new website
  • Submit press releases to large pr websites ( to attract media attention as well as get some followed back links
  • Create niche articles for your new sections, when I say niche I mean niche. For example “Search engine optimisation consulting in Sydney” or something along those lines.
  • To find out which keywords to use, perform keyword analysing techniques as well as competitive analyst and market analyst. This is a very time consuming exercise however very rewarding when you discover what people are searching for

You can also employ the above techniques for brand new websites as well as existing websites. If anything, these tips are so generic you can apply them to any website or even a single web page to start getting it ranked on Google.

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