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Shameless Self pimping on MyBlogLog (for SEO mainly)

Is it just me or is MyBlogLog becoming like a shameless self pimping / viral link building community where a bunch of internet marketers gather to generate as much link value to their MyBlogLog page as possible. Do not that your the link on MyBlogLog to your websites are followed hence all that juicey internal links you get within MyBlogLog flows straight to your website.

Who am I kidding, everyone on there already knows that its purely for driving traffic. Now referral traffic is good, as long as its sustainable and the traffic is quality traffic. However, I have noticed that most traffic from MyBlogLog seems to have a very high bounce rate or does not stay for too long to even read a single article.

This could be because I write alot of jibberish that no one wants to read, or it could be because the person who visted my page just wants to leave their foot print so that my visitors can visit his page (hence driving referral traffic).

For me, I use MyBlogLog for their incredible ability to pass link value from page to page within the website and ultimately to my blogsite. This heaps me rank organically on Google (and other search engines) and ultimately sustain a traffic source for people who search for Search Engine Optimisation topics.  Either way, MyBlogLog is primarily a tool to drive traffic, even if most of the traffic is of low value and they never return.

So how do you pimp yourself on MyBlogLog? I have once again decided to make a list of very simple steps to show you how its done.

  1. Register for a MyBlogLog account. Note that its now owned by Yahoo, and you will need a Yahoo account to register, which is a hassle as I don’t really like having accounts on Yahoo (yes I am baised).
  2. Add me to your MyBlogLog account and send me a hello!
  3. Start joining communities which relates to your website, note that you can only join 15 communities a day.
  4. Send your salutations to the owners of the communities and congradulate them on their great work.
  5. Continue doing that for a few weeks and you’ll see a continue stream of referal traffic from MyBlogLog.
  6. After a month or so, you would probably start to feel the effects of the link value being passed to your website via MyBlogLog (as have I).

It is that simple, if anything, its border line spamming, which I am sure I would get into some trouble for. But heck it works and I wanted to share with everyone why bloggers and web masters need to be on MyBlogLog.

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  • Linda

    The point of MyBlogLog is to self-promote a website and allow people to network. People might click on your avatar because it just so happens to catch their attention, or like you said, they can be clicking on it to leave footprints. Regardless of the intent, if the blog piques the readers’ interest, then they will stay.

    I know not everyone who comes to my site will be interested because it’s devoted to specially perfumes and fragrances. But at least MyBlogLog allows me the chance to find an audience who just might enjoy what I write. 🙂 Good post, by the way!

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