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People actually search for Francis Lee

It came to me as a surprise, mainly because its a name of no relevance and no meaning, secondly because I am pretty much a no body. However, after I installed HitTail, a long tail search term analyser to help me target different terms, I realised that people actually do find my website via searching my name.

Ok, please strain your eyes to have a look at the image below, I had to resize it so that it doesn’t break my template, and I sure hope it doesn’t.


Don’t ask me who Josh Houghton is, I have absolutely no idea, however you can also see that people somehow make their way to my website via a search for my name “Francis Lee“. First thing this reminded me off was when one of my colleagues  argued that “no one would search for your name man”, after I told him about my blog site.

But what does this ultimately prove? It proves that, even though you don’t believe people in the world would search for a certain phrase, they probably still do. Regardless of how small the search query amounts to, if you consolidate all of these niche long tail keywords and phrases, you may even obtain more traffic than a high level keyword.

You can take this with a grain of salt as the sample data was only between a couple of hours, however it surprised me that the the terms which I thought no one would search for was actually used to find me.

Keep it Niche, Keep it long tail and keep it relevant, you can dominate your own niche market even if you have a strong competitor, as long as you take their weaknesses and use it against them.

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