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How to get a new website indexed on Google fast

Following up on my post yesterday regarding slow or non indexing of a newly launched website, I have decided to post up a few tips and tricks to get your website indexed within three working days (others claim they can do it within 24 hours, but I doubt there is any truth behind that).

Now that you have a functional sexy new website, all up and ready to go, you will need to perform the following simple steps to quickly get indexed by Google.

  1. Make your Website Accessible , by this I mean start adding links to it, from related websites and directories. Heck, if you have a high ranking (relatively) old website, add a link there. Try not to add “sitewide” links, as they tend not to carry as much weight as a single link on a relevant page.
  2. Don’t submit to Google manually, and I must stress this point as doing it once could almost guarantee that you won’t get indexed for at least 3 months. This now I am not 100% sure why this happens, but from my past experience, adding yourself manually via Google submission almost always turns out bad.
  3. Submit Press releases to and This is actually just to re-enforce point number 1, except having a link from either of these press release websites will increase the speed of Google finding your link. The reason behind this is that and both get crawled very often (either daily or hourly) and you will see that the press release you submitted one day ago would be indexed the very next day.
  4. Start pinging by blogging, write content related to your business/website and place them in a blog. Then start pinging your favorite blog search engines for example, technorati, ice rocket, blog lines, blogdigger etc etc. I generate quiet a bit of free traffic just from technorati due to the “smart ping updater” plugin for wordpress. You just gotta love open source stuff.
  5. Upload new content daily for the 30 days. If you do this, GoogleBot will keep coming back for more content on a daily basis, you may also attract a continual stream of audience assuming that you upload is of good quality.
  6. Add an xml sitemap to your robots.txt. This probably doesn’t help you as much as you’d want it to, however you do get peace of mind by having your complete website’s internal linking structure in Google’s webmaster tools. Its like give the taxi drive clear instructions on where you want to go, before they even start the engine. Plus its free, so why not embrace it.
  7. Notifying your friends, family and colleagues to add a link to your website from their website. Even though these are most likely non-relevant links, you will still benefit it if they make a post/article about it, announcing the launch of your website. You can treat this like a free press release on a friend’s website (I am a link whore, I know).

If you can successfully complete all the above task, or atleast from task 1 to 3, you should be on your way to Google love (as in you’ll be indexed on Google) within 3 working days. This has worked for me for the past 3 years of web development and launching new websites, and it has worked exceptionally well recently (must be the new way Google indexes).

If you have more tips and hints on how to get indexed quickly, do let me know and I’ll add it to this list.

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