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Australian SEO Ranking Update – from 6th to 4th on 8 days

Ok, I know no one really cares about my rankings but I thought I’d continue to keep track of the keyword “Australian SEO” which I am now ranked 4th on Google Australia. This is a very dramatic change from the 6th position just 8 days ago. I have not done anything to the website and have made no further SEO changes. One thing that did change is the frequence of my posts.

I believe one huge factor of my website ranking for “Australian SEO” as well as various other keywords is likely attributed to the fact that I am actually blogging again. Many of my old entries, such as my post on SEO Page Titles, Competitive Analysis and even How to restart your iPod are picking up traffic again as Google starts to take notice of my blog as I post new blog entries.

I will continue to document ranking changes on my website, however one key take away for now is that, to rank and continue to rank on Google, you must not only have unique content, you will need to constantly have FRESH content added to your website to “feed” the search engines. Website with stagnant content doesn’t not necessary mean that it will drop in rankings, but to continue to move up in rankings, you will definitely need fresh content.

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  • Alex

    One thing I’ve always wondered about SEO is whether the frequency of updates will effect websites. I know it does on blogs, but I’m curious about regular html websites being updated frequently.

  • Liza

    Alex, I don’t see why Google would look at blogs any differently than other websites. After all, just like blogs most websites nowadays are coded using HTML, CSS, and PHP.

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