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A few Top SEO Firefox plugins that I use

full-v-lockup-207×300_0.jpgI am a fan of the Mozilla Firefox browser, have been for awhile and will be until some other amazing browser appears (which would probably be off the Mozilla code base anyways). Like all Firefox fans, I have a few awesome plugins which I use on every install on every computer. Most of them help with my SEO efforts and some are just play cool to use regardless. Here I will document the ones which I use primarily for my Search Engine Optimisation purposes as well as development purposes.

Top SEO Firefox Plugins (that I use)

  1. Web Developer Toolbar – Includes so many cool tools that you’d start drooling over. Main use would be to quickly check the document outline (H1, H2 tags) as well as Meta Data and Html validation. You could also check Document size, Link information, Header response and more
  2. SEO for Firefox (from SEObook) – Includes an inline information on Google, Yahoo and MSN SERPs.Quickly shows you the domain age, Page rank, number of inbound links, DMOZ listing as well as Alexa rankings.
  3. Search Status – Main use for me is to quickly return the number of Indexed pages on your preferred search engine. Also helps with on page link analysis and has a quick to show you NoFollow links on page (high lights all no follow links) as well as provides you quick access to the Robots.txt on the specific website you are on.
  4. NoScript – A plugin that blocks javascripts on certain websites. This not only protects you from malicious javascripts, but it also helps you analyse a website with javascripts turned off. Some of use SEO guys like to see exactly what Googlebot sees, and Googlebot don’t like javascripts.
  5. All-in-one Mouse Gestures – How can you use Firefox without using mouse gestures, this baby saves me time and helps me wiz through things without even touching the keyword.
  6. Fasterfox – Helps you utilise the most of your bandwidth, no more slow internet browsing on Microsoft IE.

Wish I had four more plugins to complete the usual “Top 10” type of lists but unfortunately I only have six. Although its not like you need 10 Firefox plugins to do a good SEO job but hey, the above six should help you do your job significantly faster. if you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and I will include it in the list.

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  • Simon

    Hey Francis,

    A good plugin I use, which doesn’t have a direct relation to SEO is Google Preview, basically a thumbnail of the site next to the search result. I find that I can scan through the SERP’s much quicker with it.
    Another one which is good is Gmail manager, which allows you to jump between various Gmail accounts directly from Firefox, come on, we’ve all got about 7 gmails accounts don’t we now…

    Keep up the good work with the blog.

  • Francis Lee

    Hey Simon, Awesome suggestions, that Gmail one is definitely what I need. I have like 5 gmail accounts, some of which I use only occasionally but its always great to be able to access it without going through the cumbersome login process which Google has in place.

    Bloody Google accounts -_-“

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