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The Age says that Most search engine optimisation companies are ‘unethical’

I hardly ever read The age, however I was lucky enough to read Aaron Wall’s seo blog which pointed to an article regarding search engine optimisation firms with in Australia. It turns out that recently, a well known SEO firm Found Agency, was penalised by Google for ‘unethical’ methods for their ranking. The Age took up this opportunity to quote anonymous ‘reliable‘ sources to bad mouth the SEO community in Australia.

Until recently, the media had not spoken much about search engine optimisation in general, nor have they encountered any SEOs. But it seems like there is an increasing trend for mainstream media to start writing articles regarding the search world with little to no backing. Unfortunately for us providing search engine optimisation services, we need to deal with growing negative views and feedback of our profession.

This problem is made worse when trusted media companies such as The Age publishes garbage on SEO companies with no backing what so ever. Having interviews with “anonymous” sources who claim to be CEOs of Australian seo companies definitely does not count as a reliable source of information. Worse of all, their excuse for being anonymous is that they are afraid of being de-listed from Google for criticising the management of their search engine’s indexed pages. Sorry for bursting your bubble but you are not important enough for Google to de-rank you, heck there are thousands of Google hate sites that still exists and can still be found, what makes your criticism so much more important? Get over yourself man, Australians don’t get enough attention in the SEO world as it is, you just look stupid hiding when no one is even looking.

If anything, I dislike a lot of things regarding Google’s management as well as their apparent monopoly of the internet, however I am not afraid to speak my mind about them. The most famous SEOs have all spoken about their concerns with Google’s management as well as their “My way or the highway” attitude, however none of them have been afraid to show their identity when writing about it online. So seriously mate, cut the cr*p and stop being a pansy, that is assuming The Age actually had a genuine interview with these so called CEOs of Australian seo firms (though for some reason I am really doubt that they did).

Basically, for mainstream publishing companies, I would suggest that you research and provide solid evidences when you start claiming that ‘most‘ if a certain industry contain crooks. Its a big claim and without solid evidence, you are bound to get an ear full as well as a heck of a social back lash. Don’t forget that our profession includes ranking websites for certain terms, so you definitely don’t want to rank under garbage news.

Read about the garbage written on SEO firms.

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  • shor

    Just found your blog Francis. See you around (and on SEOmoz). Connect to me on linkedin 😉
    Good to see more Aussie search marketers blogging.

  • Michael Visser

    Even bad press is press when it comes to print media, someone should really bring them into line with the rest of the industry, sharks talking to reporters doesn’t show us in the best light.

    shor, Australian search marketing bloggers? No way! 😀
    I might actually have a use for my LinkedIn profile after all…

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