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Spam comments provide targeted keywords tailored for high ROI

I have been reading spam comments on my blog for the past week, monitoring where they are coming from and what their intentions are. I usually just delete them on sight and for some uncanny reason, the number of spam has been dropping dramatically. However, I have noticed that most spam comments have laser targeted keywords which would directly increase their ROI.

Its understandable that spammer’s only concern is Return of investment, since organic traffic really means nothing unless they get can some how monetize from them.  With that being said, spammers are actually a great source for keywords which would yield the highest ROI for the product they are trying to flog. Now I am not saying that spammers are doing a great job by polluting the internet with products which contains words I don’t even want to mention, I am just pointing out that some spammers provide a great way to develop new keywords to target.

As I have mentioned previously on my post about keyword mining and keyword analyst, finding new keywords to target will provide you with more avenues to gain targeted organic traffic. By capturing as many long tail keywords as you can, you are effectively increasing your virtual “net” by ranking on terms which you would have never considered before.

So what the hey, spammers, regardless of how annoying they are, do provide something of value to us SEOs. So before you hit the “Delete all spam comments” button, have a quick flick through to see if any of those comments contain keywords related to your industry, and if so, store the comment somewhere for reference later. You will definitely not regret it when you run out of ideas for which keywords to target.

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