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Removal of malicious links from Adwords

Though I personally have never experienced this before, it seems that there has been multiple accounts of Adwords purchased links which takes users to “unfriendly” websites that tries to install malicious software on visiting users. Luckily, Google has finally taken action to remove (hopefully ban) these Adwords accounts and continual effort has been made to prevent this from ever happening again.

The tendency for Google to allow evil to be done, regardless of their company motto “Do no evil” has been prominent for quite some time now. However seeing that they have actively taken steps to cut down their revenue by ensuring the safety and security of their users appears to be a very good move in many different aspects. As I have mentioned before, I personally have never experienced a malicious website via clicking paid inclusion links before, but reading about their removal has raised a flag for me.

If Google couldn’t monitor the websites which they actively link to due to paid inclusion, then how can you expect them to filter out malicious websites from their organic search results? Well, simple answer is you can’t, regardless of how smart Google (as a search engine) is, it is still a program after all. It is not bullet proof and always comparing Google to perfection (as many of you probably do already) is a big mistake. You need to use common sense when surfing the net and when search for things of questionable nature, you are bound to get yourself into more than you have bargained for.

Regardless, knowing that Google has taken action against these people puts my mind at ease, and now that Google has a list of websites with questionable material, they could potentially ban them from their organic search results as well. They basically hit two birds with one stone and if scammers (or whatever they are called) continue to use Adwords to do their shifty business, then Google will gain more information on these people and effectively remove them from the face of the internet.

Hopefully they can share this list with other search engines in the effort to remove a portion of the dirt from this every growing online database called the internet.

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