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Google Webmaster tools got an facelift

Just noticed that Google webmaster tools received a face lift over the weekend, not only that, it seems like it has been given some new features! With the new design Google Webmaster tools (GWT) seems to be significantly more streamline, easier to use with the Ajax features and atleast more organised.

Biggest advantage by far is that you don’t need to reload the whole page every time you jump from one section to the next. Feels and acts more like an application now, which it should have from the beginning as it is a tool after all.

The new additional feature which was added is a way for webmasters to check out how many subscribers they have for their website (assuming they have an RSS feed). This is calculated by the number of subscribers using products such as iGoogle, Google reader or their social media website Orkut.

Keep up the good work Google, we are all expecting great things from you, especially from the SEO community.

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