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Amazon tells Google Teleport to shove it

Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer of books has given Google a big slap in the face over their new Teleporting site search bar. As per my previous post regarding Google’s second search bar, which was named Teleport or Teleporting, this feature provided users with a method of searching deeper within a selected website and helps Google increase revenue (as users are being exposed to more ads). This site search bar was developed under pressure from their investors to “Go back to their core business and raise revenue”.

Unfortunately, retailers who were worthy (or unfortunate) enough to receive the second search bar quickly realised that the results from the “Teleport” also included ads from their competitors. This meant that potential customers who uses the Teleporting tool would have a chance to literally teleport to a competitor. All good for Google as they pockets all the advertising revenue, but unfortunately for the retailer, their would be customers are no longer “would be customers”.

Although this seems like doom and gloom for larger retailer, it actually makes the playing field a lot fairer for smaller retailers. Imagine being able to buy advertising space on results from Amazon, that would be freaking amazing! This is obviously the reason why Amazon slapped Google in the face for the second search bar.

You can read more about the panic over Google’s second search bar at WebProNews

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