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Ad placement formula change for Google Adwords

Seems the guys at the plex have decided to updated the way Google text based advertisements are being displayed and organised. This change should help improve the way ads are promoted to the top position on Google search engine result pages.

In all honesty, this looks like another attempt to increase their already huge revenue schemes. Though there has been no word on how this algorithm will work, and I have little doubt that this does anything but increase cpc revenue for Google. Oe can only speculate as to what the changes would be, but the great folks at webmasterworld seems to believe that “More money means top position on the SERPs“.

This matter is definitely open for discussion, however if the above is the case where you must pay a larger sum of money to be on the top position then this would mean more power to the big guns. The bigger your corporation, the more money you have, the more money you have the larger your dominance on Google serps within your niche.

The small guys will now need to spend more money to be shown on the prime position which basically means less ROI, lower net profits. Only a matter of time until they run out of money and patiences and move on to another venture. By the way, this is all just a speculation and anything can happen, the day is still young and until Google announces how everything will work, we can only wait and see.

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