Speeding Teens who can’t really drive

Well, I have a few words I really want to say to you, and this has been on my mind for quiet some time now. You know all those times when you tail gate me, when you cut into my lane without indicating, run red lights, ignore everyone’s safety by speed and everything in between.


Everyone thinks you are losers and everytime you speed, not only does it reflect badly on you, it also means that you do not care about anyone’s safety including your own. Also, for God’s sake, learn how to drive properly, if you’re going to speed at over 100km / hour, the least you should do is learn how to drive in a straight line.

No one thinks big of you and it definitely means you have self esteem issues due to smaller manly body parts.

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  • Alex Wilson

    Hi Francis,

    I understand your angst towards this demographic, but at the same time you must admit that the older demographic are not much better.

    Think about all the times you have had a middle aged man, around 30-45 cutting in lanes and merging without indication in their Holdon Commodore Executive or Ford Falcon. They are middle aged business men and they cause alot of havoc on the roads.

    I dont know which demographic you fit into, as i dont really know you. I would have to ask you though, do you remember when you were young? Speeding was never OK, it was stupid and we both know that. But do you remember people liek you accusing the whole young demographic of driving badly when you were trying your hardest and actually ensuring safety at all times?

    My ending note is really this; i agree with you, alot of young drivers are quite dangerous, though i believe we fail to acknowledge that alot of other demographics also pose a massive risk yet go untargeted as ‘youth’ category is much easily pigeon holed then most.

  • Francis Lee

    Well said Alex, i should really change it to “speeding idiots” in general without targetting any specific demographic. No one wants their life (or anyone else’s life) put at risk so some speeding idiot can get to their destination 5 minutes faster.

    Then again, the minorities are always the ones who stuffs it up for everyone else. It only takes 5 speed teens to ruin it for all the other teenagers. So if you know anyone who speeds constantly, remember to let them know how much of a loser they are for putting your life at risk.

  • Jared

    I speed to get bad drivers behind me 🙂
    Bad drivers are bad driver’s because they just do not care. That’s what the problems is; you have people operating thousands of pounds of metal without any regard as to where they point it at high velocities.

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