Readers motivate bloggers to write more for readers

As the title says it, readers motivates bloggers to write more so that readers have more stuff to read. Its a never ending cycle in the blogosphere, that is unless one or the other suddenly changes. However if all things remain the same, bloggers will go into a never ending cycle of blogging about their life of things that they don’t really care about. Is this how we want our blogs to end up? Written by people who starts losing interest in what they are writing, but are still motivated to write because there are still people reading?

I personally cannot answer that question, however I know that many are struggling to find the motivation to continue to write. Aaron Wall over at Seobook seems to be having a very tough time with his blog and have posted 6 reasons why he shouldn’t blog a few weeks back and made me think that he will quit blogging sometime in the near future (probably even this year?). As for me, I have only started blogging with a clear purpose in mind, so I will have a few years ahead of me, so long as there are readers reading what I write. Hell, I’ll even write more if my readership increases. *wink wink*

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