Cityrail trains ruined by a*$holes who vandalise

Since I seem to be in the mood to talk about CityRail and how they cancel trains to trains being late, I decided to just write a little about how a few minority groups stuff up the trains for everyone else. Yes I am talking about the a*$holes who vandalise trains just so they can get a temporary high.

You people make me sick to my stomach every time I enter a CityRail train that has been vandalised beyond recognition. Worse part is CityRail tries to fix it by pouring god knows what all over it, making the train look like a bloody mess. So what the hell is the point of all this? Would you like it if I came over your place and pour paint all over your couch and tables? Would you feel like I “decorated” you house for you with my splendid attempt at picasso?


The answer would be no to all the above question, so let me tell you this, its only a matter of time until someone puts graffiti all over the wall of your house. Do you know why they did it? Because its karma, what goes around comes around and when its your time to pay back for what you’ve done, you will know and its too late by then.

Think before you start spray crap all over the walls of the train (or anything for that matter), because every time you do that, a cute puppy gets shot. Think about the puppies.

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  • Leeroy

    Someone graffiting a train is alot different moraly to someone walking into your house and graffiting your living room.

    And you have to be kidding about, “its only a matter of time until someone puts graffiti all over the wall of your house” thats never going to happen.

  • Francis Lee

    Its not about the morality of the action, but more the action itself. There is very little different when someone decides to graffiti, whether its on the train, a random wall, the street or on your front law, its still graffiti. Its vandalism and no one appreciates it, and I am sure as hell you won’t if someone draws all over your property without permission.

    We as tax payers and commuters are the ones who suffer from these acts of vandalism and worse of all we are the ones who must pay to get it fixed. Yes we PAY to get this fixed if you haven’t already noticed, it comes out of our pocket every time the tax rates increases, our train fare increases and for unlucky people, our fines (though more than not they deserved it). I’m not even going to explain the economics behind it as it should be common knowledge.

    Why would I be kidding about people vandalising our houses? This happens all the time already on the western suburbs of Sydney, all over the walls and fences of people’s private property. They didn’t ask for it and they sure as hell don’t want to pay to get the crap removed. I don’t know where you live in but you’d really need to start opening your eyes to see what is really going on.

  • adlays

    shut up and stop complaining
    we love doing it because we like spreading our art
    just like you love being a s**t and spreading your legs

  • Francis Lee

    adlays, your comment just shows how mature and civilized you are *sarcasm*. There are many ways of spreading “art” without damaging other people’s property. What you are doing is “Vandalism” not spreading art, there is a difference, look it up in a dictionary.

    Maybe you should consider drawing over the walls of your own house if you haven’t already done so. If you had permission from the property owners, THEN that is considered spreading art and not vandalism.

    Like in Melbourne, most of the graffiti art in the alleys and various other places have been placed there with permission granted. It looks bloody amazing as well, however, that is completely different to jumping on a train and spraying red paint all over the windows and floors. CityRail sure has hell don’t want it there and they “try” to remove it, which actually makes it worse. Looks like blood being wiped off the windows/walls with not enough newspaper.

  • Steve

    D, Adlays and Leeroy, may I suggest a couple of things. All three of you are pathetic losers. None of you came up with anything decent to write and instead wrote lame one liners about your ‘art’.
    Get yourselves an education and realize you’re part of a bigger community that has to endure your piss weak attempts at expressing yourselves.
    If you have something to say or something to express why don’t you put your talents to good use and try helping someone besides yourself? That means doing something creative that we don’t have to endure, as in not f@#$ing up the trains.
    Oh and D, you dumb ba$tard, learn how to type and spell.

    Francis Lee keep up the good work!

  • Fuck that

    Mate, I paint CityRail property because it’s our (graffiti artists) culture. Does it really disturb you that much? I’m so tired of the “general population’s” hatred of graffiti. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but grow the fuck up. You know that it doesn’t affect your life. It may make your train journey a bit less appeasing to the eye, but it does not have dramatic ramifications upon you. Stop bitching about shit that doesn’t make things harder for you and get a fucking life. And to everyone that thinks its not art? Try to put up a piece (no dipshits a “piece” doesn’t mean the signature “tag” graffiti, I mean the 3D/multicoloured full blooded shit) that looks awesome within 20 minutes before a train goes past. Van Gough had hours to perfect his art, we have a matter of minutes and seconds. Get a life fucker and stop hating on graffiti artists.

  • trains

    alright simply graffiti is a drug, once a graffiti writer is capable of writing he will do all it takes for his ego to be forfilled. once a writer busts his tag he thinks “wow i couldve done that better” if your a bored teenager who needs that satisfaction you will continue to write as peices, throwies, characters, tags, murals and so on an so forth get better then its all about how much you can smash. graffiti isnt even vandalism its a form of art not yet accepted by the community. we smash trains cause there our advertisement statment, the whole reason why its illegal though is cause where not paying for our stuff to run all city. you can paint 100 panels in hope that one other writer is going to see it because some people have done 1000 trains however only 100 odd people have seen them run so simply would you like to walk on a simple boring train or walk on to a beutiful 8 carrige long or maybe just one carrige worth of art that you will see for free? instead of paying how ever much money for an art museum? we smash trains and when we see them running through out local station we think wow “to know some one has seen my peice an talking about how good is makes me feel good” so your ego, satisfaction need increases and next thing you know you need to tag, peice, bomb, throw up on eveything in site because you simply want props for self esstem and also your good at it and people like it and its “bad ass” so excuse me m**her f**ker i will keep smashing your trains untill i die you narrow minded little minded unknown to the graffiti culture c**t.

    all who agree simply type “I”

  • your mate

    Francislee please stop with your pointless argument.
    I am a tax payer as much as you are and i paint trains because its my culture.
    Its what i love doing.
    i would never ever write on the publics property its reckless and yeah its unfair
    but we all pay for cityrail not just you. And companys and advertisements run cityrail you have to stare at a billboards and shit but you consider this fine. Its only fine because they pay millions of dollars to put it there and its just consumerism, its doing you no favours. Whats the difference between a SEX add about premature ejaculation and nosel dillivery shit you see everywhere or some guy working hard to put his art up??? there is no difference we just dont pay for it..
    But besides all this your also paying for prisons, roads, hospitals, i dont have a car why should i have to pay for you people to use the road HUH?????? thats how stupid you argument is. Graffiti doesnt effect you at all you just cant accept it.
    Try and understand wat it is and wat its about before you just completly ride it off..

  • Tim

    Sigh, all you graffiti “artists” need to learn that there’s a difference between art and your name with arrows hanging off it, or “someone is a slut”. Now I know you “adlays” are really proud that you can write your own name, it really is a big achievement, but we can’t be gloating forever! I’m all for grafitti when it’s actually art, not just mindless crap like that. Why not progress to something a bit more creative, like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sao/ By the way, anyone who identifies as an “adlay” – have a look at yourself… you’re a drain on society and you make anyone with half a brain ashamed to breathe the same air as you.

  • Ladz Established.

    trains is so RIGHT.
    Aussie Adlay is right.
    painting trains is a good fuckin heart pumping drug that keeps ya going mate.
    givz ya a nice adrenaline rush. seeing it pull up lookin at it and hittin it is such a good fuckin feeling the next day u see it pulling through ur local station or sumtin.


    kitchyaaa ladz.

  • Brendan Trembath

    Hello from ABC Radio. Interesting debate you’re having here. I’m working on a radio documentary on graffiti. If any of you are interested in speaking to me, send me an email.

    [email protected]

    I’ve already interviewed people from Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle. They don’t use their real names.

    Google my name and ABC if you want to see what I’ve done before.

  • Dave

    @ all the graffiti “artists” who posted defending their defacing of trains – what a crock of shit. The graff artists who actually have enough talent for their work to be considered art, have the common courtesy to do it in approved areas.

    There are some decent spray can artworks, but none on CityRail trains – the stuff you see on trains is the human equivalent of a dog pissing on a fire hydrant.


  • Brendan Trembath

    Dear Francis,
    Can you please remove my post now. I’ve completed the program and am no longer seeking people to interview.

    Regards Brendan Trembath ABC Radio

  • riff boy lol

    I reckon that some of it looks amazing like the ones that arent just someones stupid tag. some of the “pieces” look good and i like them but some randoms dumbarse generic black tag is not.

  • james

    FUK UP you dont even know what the culture is about, you think its morally stupid… your comparing someone putting a gun to your head and saying gimme your cash to somene who puts up on a wall…fuck you ignorant cunts make me sick to my stomach with your constant bitching….

    honeslty why would you even give a rats ass if theres graff all over the place… if you dont like it then dont catch trains… its never gunna stop wether its panels or insides…

  • Davy Graham

    Let them do their graffiti thing, because, KARMA is at work!!!

    CityRail is a GOVERNMENT organisation

    CENTRELINK and SCHOOLS are GOVERNMENT organisations.

    so the more $$$ that goes into cleaning trains, the less $$$ that goes into their education and welfare!!!!

    I love KARMA!!!! It means IDIOTS will be IDIOTS forever!!! And I much rather my TAXPAYER $$$ going into cleaning trains than spending money on educating these cunts.

  • Hope

    This quite a heated topic, I can understand why people don’t like graffiti, there’s alot of it out there that’s just an eyesore and should be best left at a skate park. That’s just tagging, it’s not the art of graffiti. Best left for the pathetic people who have only managed to string a single sentence repsonse laden with explicit language.

    However, for the people that are actually good writers, putting it on a train is a way of promotion, just the same as buskers promote themselves on the street. Some of them do it for the love of the art, others do it so that people can become more accepting of it. There has been some beautiful pieces done in several places, there’s been alot of PCYC’s over the coutry that have graffiti artists do pieces on their buildings… how do they find them? By the work seen on the trains.

    The main problem is, there’s not enough approved areas for these writers to do their work. So they go to other outlets. It’s not fair to those who are offended by what they see, but it’s also not fair on these writers. Maybe instead of complaining about it look at the work and see the difference between sad lack lustre scrawl to more beautiful pieces?

  • Who are you to judge me?

    Your mate, raises a valid point. If you have a problem with looking at graffiti on a train, then why don’t you have a problem looking at billboards and advertising? Just because consumerism has a “place” in society and graffiti does not? Or maybe you just do not realise how brainwashed you are from advertising. You think it is acceptable for something to confront you on a daily basis just for the purpose of selling something?

    Graffiti is a creative revolution. That’s why it is so addictive. If you are some rich, yuppie lawyer/banker/upper class worker then you obviously think that real art is what belongs in a gallery with a price tag of a couple of thousand dollars. You are wrong. Graffiti is going against society’s view of art and twisting it into its own genre while giving the gallery scene a big fuck you. Graffiti is a creative outlet for individuals who are oppressed by society. Youths, the poor, those who do not have a voice in society. They are the ones who instead of sitting on the couch all day, decide to create something; a piece of art. And if you say graffiti looks like “child scribble, there’s no sense of art to it” then you better wake the fuck up. Who says you have the right to judge art? Do you even know what art is?

    So when you see a freshly painted panel roll into the station, or drippy tags on the insides, just think. Graffiti will never, never, ever die.

  • Ash

    “Mate I paint property because it’s my culture” So by your argument, kiddie fiddling is OK if it’s part of your culture too? Your own words prove that you’re doing nothing by vandalism… BECAUSE IT”S NOT YOUR PROPERTY!. If you are so enamoured with your sorry attempts at art, stay home and paint your own walls rather than making MY enviroinment look like a slum. Idiot

  • meh

    Great choice of topic Francis. Do love a good bit of graffiti art. Not particularly against it being done illegally on a crappy brick wall that’s not someone’s home.
    +1 for Dave’s comments.
    Dear ‘who are u to judge me’: I am not rich, I am from a low income household. However, I was lucky to get a decent education, so don’t try to tell me that there isn’t ‘scribble’ sprayed all over the place, done by so-called ‘artists’. Hell I don’t mind people trying to express themselves, I’m all for that, but where’s the imagination? Show me some creativity and real skill and I’ll give you some respect!
    Recently I had my car sprayed, mostly block colour and a couple of smiley faces. Is that art? At first I was angry, but then I realised what sort of an upbringing these people must have had, and I just pitied them. Some people make the best of their situation and give life a red hot go. And others, for whatever reason, get stuck at the bottom and can’t or don’t want to get their shit together – that’s a sad way to live and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  • slor

    gday lady the only reason i do it is so i know the taxes i pay are being used. not sitting in the big fat cats pocket. why even worry about such a harmless and violentless crime? id be worrying about the old man whose going to stick his fist in your childs you know where not the sneaky kid whose going to graff up ya train. get it real people!!

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