City rail cancel trains to stop trains being late

The title, in itself, should already not make sense for most people who live in Australia (New South Wales). The notion of canceling trains to prevent them being late is ludicrous and should have never been used as a method to combat late trains in the first place.

Now I am pretty certain that most aussies in Sydney would agree with me when I say that CityRail has incredible management problems. I understand that the suburban train lines are “tangled up” as they described it, but it doesn’t warrant them to be late 50% of the time. I believe that due to the incredible amount of complaints they have received over the past few years (or since the dawn of time) for trains constantly being late, they have decided to come up with a plan to prevent trains from being late.

The plan was to “untangle” the mess of a rail system they have produced and to cut down on the total number of trains operating at any one given time. The result is trains coming every 15 minutes instead of their usual 10 minutes, and if its slightly late, they just canceled the train altogether. In order words, there will NEVER be a late train from then on, only no trains at all.

So simply speaking, we could be approximately 5 to 10 minutes late in the previous system of things (sometimes longer for other technical difficulties), but after CityRail’s management alteration, if a train gets delayed it gets canceled, which means our wait would be extend to a minimum of 15 minutes. Now, please explain to me how the heck that makes any sense at all? CityRail must have taken the quote “get rid of the problem” too literally by removing the late train altogether.

So CityRail officials, if you are reading this, I would urge you to change this system you guys have to something that actually make sense. Canceling a train because it is late is like sweeping crap underneath your rug. It won’t solve the problem now and it definitely won’t solve the problem in the long run. For crying out loud, you’ve been making me late for work for the past darn week! Get your act together CityRail, Shame on you!

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  • bob

    as an ex railway employee your assumption that thay cancel trains is wrong in fact the train is still running but what thay may have done is transpose the train ( made the train skip stops or terminate it early ) in order for that train to be back on time other wise if thay didnt it would make that train late all day, and also will make trains following start to run late too. Also passengers can sumtimes make trains run late eg like 50 people trying to use one or two doors near the stairs instead of sixteen door on a 8 car train this would load the train quicker making it leave the station on time.

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