When things break and trees get chopped

My dad decided to chop the trees in our back yard down, probably because of the bats that kept coming to eat the bloody berries (which evidently grew on the trees). I could’ve sworn that it was illegal to just go chopping trees like that, at least without direct approval from the council. Regardless, its done already and the back yard is a mess, and I really mean a mess. I had to take a picture with my phone just to illustrate to you how much of a mess it is.


Thats what $700AUD and my dad can do within the span of 1 hour. I couldn’t believe that 1 hour’s worth of tree chopping could cost $700AUD, maybe I should think of starting up my own tree chopping business, I’d be making millions if I had 20 workers averaging $700AUD / hour for me.

20 workers times 8 hours work times $700/hour = $112,000 / day turn over. You can do the maths if it was a full time business with say 200 working days in a year. Swell start up idea right here, free only at

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