The taste of an exotic Nepalese dinner

Had the chance to experience a Nepalese dinner tonight, though the flavors reminded me of your typical Indian dinner. Regardless the dinner was very “exotic” and was well worth a try. Nepalese food seem to mainly consists of spicy ingredients, much like Indian food, but we decided to order something which was not spicy in nature.

Either way, it was a very enjoyable meal, but I don’t believe I would be returning for more any time soon. Mainly because the dishes were pricey and tables were cramped up. As with all my other personal posts, here are some complimentary pictures of the night.


Hmm… wonder if this is where Black Eyed Peas got their name


A Nepalese sweet curry prawns dish


A potato salad of some sort hmm, was slightly bland…


Bianca and Me


Nancy and Yan


Sylvia and Chum

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