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The new FHM – Relaunch of a men’s magazine

As we all know, the publishing industry has been a dying industry since the start of the internet and with the help of Google, this dying process has been quickened. However, despite the impending doom of the publishing industry, the guys behind FHM (ACP) have decided to invest in a relaunch of their magazine in hope to change consumer perception of FHM and in order to drive sales. We all know what happens to magazines owned by ACP which don’t meet target.

Though I have personally never purchased a copy of FHM, I have been given a few copies before to have a gander. The content was great however the cover of the FHM magazine put me off, mainly because I did not want to be perceived as being a sleazy/seedy person reading a porn magazine on the train. With the recent introduction of the very popular (and successful) men’s magazine ZOO, ACP has decided that FHM is in dire need of rebranding and moving away from the “ZOO” type audience. Well, that and because of their falling sales figures and angry investors.

The new FHM is currently promoting a “modern man” image, with links to the growing technologically focused world, quality of life and self improvement. Its moving away from promoting “Girl model” content and pushing content on things that actually matter in life. Great move, and from what I have read in the latest issue of FHM, it seems like they are on the right track.

With their relaunch, they are offering people 300 free copies of their latest issue of FHM and for thoes who are unfortunate enough to miss out on the 300 free FHMs, you can pick up a 28 page sample copy. To check out the offer and FHM’s newest mascot, head over to and grab yourself a copy of The New FHM. I’ve had a glimpse of the latest issue and I must say that so far from what I’ve read, its a lot better than before. The models are more classy in comparison to the models on ZOO, and the content is significantly more relevant and interesting.

Though I personally would still not buy FHM, I would no longer be opposed to reading it on the train if I had a copy. Grab your free sample copy of The New FHM.

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  • Marketing

    I have not purchased a magazine at all in the last year or so, the Internet has it all and more, why must I pay to read articles that they decide on, I amean I cannot even choose what to read. Maybe the chicks sell, but then there is so much online… without photoshop.

  • Poems Guy

    Marketing, I am glad to know I am not alone in this world. I didn’t buy magazine for about two years as internet substitutes any magazine for me. That is why I am not agree to pay for reading the articles and select online articles

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