Teenage mutant ninja turtles with Bianca at the movies

Equals a lot of fun, I haven’t been to the movies for AT LEAST one year, and its real great that I finally got to watch a movie with Bianca. We’ve been saying that we’d watch something together for the past 3 months, but due to different commitments in life and general laziness, we tend to skip it and just stay at home.

Anyways, we decided to watch it at Greater Union, George street, great location, massive cinema (I think the biggest in NSW), but extremely smelly. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoy the Turtles on Big screen with beautiful Bianca next to me. I believe she enjoyed it as much as I did, seeing how much of a Ninja Turtles fan she was when she was a kid. I think she still has her Ninja costume somewhere, too bad it probably won’t fit her anymore – would be great to see her in it again.

I loved the scene where Raphael versus Leonardo, awesome fight sequence in the rain, didn’t know they could make Ninja turtles cool. Yes I’m a nerd, I admit it, but TMNT is definitely worth watching.

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