MDwebhosting suspended my account for no reason

Mdwebhosting, my Australian web host decided to suspend my account for little to no reason one day (the 10th of June) to be exact. Atleast I thought it was for no reason at first, and I didn’t really have time to fix the problem due to a million things happening in my life. Fortunately, I had all my passwords and resource information on my Gmail account (thank god for Gmail) and was able to login to find out the reason why my account was blocked.

It turns out my blog site was under a DoS attack by some unknown people for no reason what so ever. If anything, I believe it was because they wanted some free links posted on this website, hence they tried to break into my server and compromise my website. Luckily though, Mdwebhosting decided to suspend my account (without notifying me might I add) which caused the DoS attack to cease immediately. Their excuse was that it was causing too much server stress which disadvantaged the other users on the server, which is understandable.

Anyways, I might update my WordPress version to the latest 2.2 (uh-oh, this might be an open invitation for try hard hackers out there). Just need to find the time to do it now…. hmmm

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  • Michael Visser

    Seems you’re shaking some bad trees atm Francis.

    Do keep up to date with the latest WP revisions, as your site PR grows the attempts will continue in trend, one breach is all that’s needed to bring that PR crashing down. Hope you have a damn good password to or some protection on your login screen. 😛

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