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I have finally embraced Twitter – Follow me!

Ok, I never thought I’d say this but Twitter is actually pretty cool. At first I had no idea how I could use it and hence I decided to make it a private diary of what I do during the day. However when I started following people, I realised that it could actually be a very powerful social networking tool.

Anyways, no point for me to rant about the greatness of Twitter since there are heaps of posts out there that does that already. So for thoes who has Twitter already, Follow me @sicnarftea, for thoes who don’t, join twitter and check it out, follow everyone you know and use it for a few days. You’ll definitely be surprised! 


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    Cool info – can’t wait for part two ! Mainly cuz I’m not signing up, no matter how easy it is, until I know how to make use of the darned thing. Too many “Social” sites I’m signed up for already with no time to visit/use them all. This had better be good is all I can say….

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