Heath Ledger – A Great Aussie actor died today

Today is a sad day as our very own Heath Ledger was found dead at approximately 3:35pm(EST) in New York today (currently the 22nd of January 2008 for New Yorkers). He was found by his house keeper and cause of death seems to be a drug overdose.

I’ve actually liked watching Heath Ledger movies since I saw him on “Ten things I hate about you” and I was really looking forward to him in Batman – The Dark Knight. Such a tradgic event happening to an incredibly talented Australian actor brings sadness to me. But there is one thing I would like to say to everyone who is reading –


Lets take a minute to remember the work of a great Aussie actor, Heath Ledger.

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  • Elisha

    I cant believe he has died i loved him, he was a great actor and to die so young it upsets me alot, what made him take a drug overdose i think he must of been depressed.

  • Francis Lee

    Seems like all information points to depression, he might’ve been under heaps of pressure. I think its best to find a way to help people who are on drugs, get them off it so they can lead a normal life again.

  • monica

    What a waste to lose such a beautiful young man in the prime of his life. Satan is really permeating the system with his evil ways. We really need to keep vigilent to his evil designs.

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