Graduation dinner celebration for Sylvia

Congrats to Sylvia for graduating at University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Nursing degree, its been three (or was it four) long hard years and its great that you’re finally out of that god darn place. As I was unable to attend her graduation due to business related reasons, Bianca and I decided that we’ll take Sylvia out to dinner (our shout) at a restaurant of her choice. Its lucky we did as she suggested eat Spanish food, something I have never experienced before, and let me tell you now that I’d definitely have it again.

Thanks to my beautiful fiancé’s camera, we were able to capture some of it so that my not so photographic memory can refer to this moment again in the future sometime. Unfortunately, she can’t give me the photos she took until later, so I’ll make a seperate post later with just the photos of the night.

Anyways, the restaurant was called Captain Torres Spanish Restaurant on the corner of Liverpool Street and George Street in Town Hall (Sydney Australia). Great location, great atmosphere and conveniently next to a pub. I’m not going to go into detail as to how great to service was and such as I don’t want to sound like I’m reviewing the restaurant, so instead I’d just post some pictures of what we had.


Our Sangria and a Spanish Marinara dish, the flavors were so intense that I couldn’t stop dipping my white bread loaf into it.


This is what the Spanish people call a Seafood Paella, a combination of different seafood with rice at the bottom (soaked with seafood juice Yum.


And how can we have spanish food with out the infamous Sangria, a fruity alcoholic drink made from red wine mixed with sparkling white wine (as well as some chopped up fruit inside). Kinda reminds me of a “spiked” fruit punch.

As I said before, it was a great dinner, a lot of brand new flavors I have never tasted before as well as a tangy fruit punch to wash it all down. I must warn you though, due to the nature of the food and the intense garlic taste, you will definitely need a mentos afterwards, the extra minty ones as well.14042007003.jpg

I think I’ll post some better quality photos from Bianca’s camera later on, as this obviously doesn’t do moment justice.

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