Easter holiday means Easter Show means no money left

I can barely remember the last time I visited the royal easter show (must’ve been the year 2001) but we (Bianca, Yan, Nancy and myself) decided to visit it once again, just for old time sake. Turned up to be an enjoyable day, but we did blow a lot of money out on those “you can’t lose” games. Basket ball through, poker ball rolling and dart throwing, unfortunately we didn’t really win anything worth mentioning.

But bloody Yan + gf  won a Care bear as well as some Disney donkey thing (forgot his name). Guess we just don’t have gambling luck (at least that is what everyone keeps telling us, WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO YOU KNOW!). Anyways, as with many of my personal posts, here are a set of complimentary photos I took with my Nokia e65.




Overall a good day, with lots of things to see and heaps of people to rip you off (that bloody a@$hole at the basket ball stand, you know who you are, I’m coming for you!). Don’t take your kids to your easter show if you want to pay for your mortgage.

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