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Earth Hour in Sydney – Its time to give back

I think its time for us to give back to the earth we live on, for far too long have we been wasting resources and killing the planet. The smallest changes in our lives can affect the planet in a very big way, and to demonstrate this Earth Hour was introduced.

Earth Hour is an initiative by the WWF-Australia to demonstrate that by doing something as simple as switching your lights off for an hour, you will be able to help Sydney achieve a CO2 reduction of 10%. Its seriously as simple as turning your lights off for one hour at 8:00pm on Saturday the 29th of March.

If we can achieve this as a nation, we can actually make a massive difference in the long run.

In the spirit of things, I have decided to list a few methods in which YOU can do at home to save electricity and ultimately reduce CO2.

10 things you can do to reduce energy waste & CO2

  1. Switching your lights off when its not in use.
  2. Turning your computer off when its not in use.
  3. Unplugging your TV and DVD players when its not in use.
  4. Opening windows instead of using the Air con.
  5. Playing board games with your friends instead of playing PC or Console games.
  6. Walk or ride a bike to your local stores instead of driving there.
  7. Car pool where possible, you will save money on petrol as well.
  8. Help plant trees!
  9. Take the stairs at least once a day instead of using the lifts.
  10. Tell your friends to join Earth Hour and get newsletters on ways in how you can make a difference.

So what are you waiting for? Be different, say Yes! Join Earth Hour

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