A new blog symbolises a new beginning

Over the many years of blogging starting all the way back in 1999 (yes, you guessed it – I have started and abandoded many blogs. Many of which are of decent quality with great & entertaining content. My most recent blog was at, an Australian blog host which I founded and funded. It was a personal blog of my daily encounters & contains many links and goodies. Unfortunately, I sold for a heathy profit and eventually lost interest in my blog.

So why the hell am I blogging again?

Well because I need a place to keep my thoughts and ideas. I will be aiming at providing tips, hints, lessons, tutorials & how tos on things I am passionate about, and that is business and entrepreneurship (if that is a real word). Ofcourse I will also occasionally post about my personal life as well as other non business related topics. I also must confess that this blog is a vain attempt to out rank all the other Francis Lee out there who unfortunately shares the same name as me. Anyways, welcome and leave a comment so I know that you stopped by.

Founder of UnicornGO, Visugu and Pixelsquare. I am an Aussie with a passion for building sustainable and scalable businesses servicing the mid to enterprise tier clients. Have an idea that need funding? Reach out to me and we can have a chat.

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