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5 cool things you can use Twitter for

Well, I sitting at work pondering how I can use Twitter without making too much effort and Viola! Below is a list of things that you could use Twitter for as promised.

The 5 things you can use Twitter for is:

  1. A large Wish list –  This is simple and self explanitory, you have 140 characters to write down what you want and even when you want it. You could keep it private or send it to your friends so that when your birthday comes along, they know exactly what to get you. You can also use the Twitter RSS feed to make a simple scrolling Gift list via Widget box to display on your Blog, Myspace, Facebook or favour forums.
  2. Things to do list – Much like above but you could use Twitter to keep track of what you need to do. Probably not the best tool to use for productivity however you can easily hook Twitter up to Remember the Milk (a To-Do list organiser which I am currently using in conjuction with Twitter) which will track all your to-do activity. It will even send you notifications via email.
  3. A diary via Google Calendar – This is essentially what I use Twitter for, to keep track of every activity I have performed everyday. I then hook this directly up to a personal calendar specifically for Twitter on Google Calendar so that I can map out everything I have done during the day and when I did it. This is for the people who are very forgetful and don’t have enough time to keep a full blown diary. If anything, this will help you keep all those memories you have conveniently forget such as where you had dinner last night, when you purchased you latest gadget and when you spent your last $100.
  4. Use it to track your daily emotions – Use each twit as an emotion you were feeling with a short explanation of why you are feeling like that, then you can use Twitter as your daily emotions tracker. You can also hook this up with Google Calendar so that in a few months time you can find out which month you were happiest and which month you were the most depressed. This probably leads back to my older post regarding emotions and mood tagging.
  5. Use it to keep in touch with friends – I think the ultimate goal of Twitter is to provide users a platform so that they can keep in touch with their friends via a simple to use interface that can broadcast a single SMS to a selected group of people. You can also broadcast your location via Twinkle on your iPhone 3g to let your friends and family know where you are and what you are doing at that time. In brief, it is like a shout out to all your friends about whatever you want.

I am sure there is like 101 ways to use Twitter, however these are a five ways which I would use Twitter, all of which will make my life (online atleast) alot better. I wonder if anyone has any ideas about how we can use Twitter for commercial purposes. Lets ponder on that thought for a little…..

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  • Neil

    It seems you use Twitter on a personal basis. Do you share your twitter to the public? What are the best steps when marketing your company on twitter?

  • Blog for Beginners

    Now you convince me further..I pretty like the idea of using Twitter as a personal diary via Google Calendar but then you have to keep it private, don’t you?

    Now if you turn your Twitter account private, aren’t you just writing it for yourself and that cancel the very reason it exists?


  • soccerislife8

    Great article! I’m thinking of starting a “twitter, google calendar diary” but i’m not exactly sure how to start. I’ve set up twitter and gcal to communicate, do I just send direct messages to gcal on twitter? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Francis Lee

    I make my Twitter account private so that no one can see what I am doing, however feel free to create a seperate “social” account where you can share it with everyone. The main point of having a twitter account for me is really to keep track of my life. In today’s day and age, where everyone has an “instant gratification” mind set, it is hard to remember what has happened and when it happened.

    Easiest way to keep track of everything is using a blackberry or iPhone mobile internet device, hook it up to Twitter then link that to Google calendar. I use twitter because its easier to enter entries that way. So no I don’t really care if it has no presence on the internet.

    My blog on the other hand, I like to publicise as it contains mainly non personal information as well as information which could be beneficial to the community as a whole. Yeh I like to give back to the community as much as any other person.

  • Delan

    Don’t forget you can use Twitter to update your finances with Just Follow @wesabe and get your authorization code and update it in

    Great feature when you are on the road and want to track that $5 coffee to your cash account.

  • leanie belle

    I have been using twitter for a while but for both business and personal basis. I think I’ll create own for my personal purposes only, I like the idea of “twitter, google calendar, i think it’s really great.

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