• Search Engine Optimisation

    Stop wasting link authority on low quality pages

    I have recently noticed that most of my tag pages are supplementary results on Google, which basically tells me either those pages just don’t have enough links for Google to trust them or they are just crap (or duplicate content). It has always been wrongly implied that the more pages you have, the better the chance of you getting found. To an extent its true, however if 80% to 90% of your pages are rubbish, then you can kiss your Google ranking goodbye.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Search engine optimisers face a never ending loop of studying SEO

    If you are a fellow SEO, you will know and understand the pain we must go through day in day out. A continual cycle of keeping up with search engine optimisation news and never ending feeds of SEO blogs to read. There are days when I wake up and just can’t be bothered to visit the dozen or so SEO blog sites to keep myself updated, however I know that as an SEO, its part of my job to keep up to date with search related news.

  • Search Related

    Scrapers abuses your sitemap.xml

    The relatively new Sitemap.xml protocol has been readily accepted by webmasters around the world as the best way to help crawlers navigate through your website. However, being as useful as it may to search engines, the Sitemap.xml protocol has also helped content thieves and data miners by providing them the necessary data to scrape a website.

  • How Tos

    How to stop annoying telemarketers from calling you

    Its a known fact that Australians suffer from annoying calls from overseas telemarketers. Worse of all, we get their calls at the most inappropriate times of the night, usually just before or during dinner. We are unable to get rid of them and some of us tend to stay as nice and calm as possible so that we don’t look like Red Necks. Luckily for us, our Australian government has decided that they will no longer tolerate telemarketers by opening a “Do Not Call” registry.

  • Blogging

    I made it on the Top 100 Australian Bloggers index

    Just got a ping from Meg from Blogpond that I made it to the top 100 Aussie bloggers, ranked current as number 99. Very amazing seeing that my site has only been in operation for approximately 1 month (or less). Great motivation for me to write more great SEO posts (if you can call it great) and post even more entertaining material for you guys to read. Other another note, now that my colleague should be back from training next week, I should have a lot more time to post so subscribe to my feeds to keep yourself up to date with SEO news and other great things.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Strategies for launching a successful website subsection

    I must apologise for the lack of Search engine optimisation related posts due to my increasing workload and my tired tired little eyes (yes I’m Chinese) after work. However, as promised I have written up a short post about generic ways on how to launch a subsection on an existing site. Learn how to successfully rank the new pages on Google with the following simple steps.

  • Interesting things

    Web 2.0 awards released by seomoz

    Great news, Seomoz.org has released their latest version of the Web 2.0 Awards and its looking very spiffy. Congrats for all the winners. Heck after going through the list I even found a few really awesome websites such as OneSentence, Guess the Google (game) and the Groowy desktop. You can check out the Web 2.0 Awards by Seomoz.org to view the winners as well as 14 interviews with founders of the winning websites.

  • linkerati

    So much to write, so little time to write it

    I have recently been overwhelmed with work (at work) as a fellow colleague had to go on a Microsoft .net 2.0 course for a week. It seems that I have been put in the position where I must take on about 60% of his work load, which means I can’t really finish my own work, nor can I blog about SEO topics until the end of the week.

  • Blogging

    People paying for blog posts uses Alexa as a ranking score

    I have recently joined MyBlogLog as you can see from the neat little widget on my side bar to the right. Upon joining, I have discovered many bloggers which are making money via Adsense, CPM ads and the most popular method was via PayPerPost. Though I have never experienced this myself, as I generate most of my blogging income via CPM, Adsense and Intext ads, it seems that your blog will need to have a high alexa ranking in order to increase your PayPerPost earnings.

  • Interesting things

    Mozilla Firefox racks in Microsoft Internet Explorer’s market share

    It wasn’t that long ago when Firefox was officially launched as a newly adopted Mozilla web browser, however comparing the current version of Firefox to how it was back then makes you realise how far it has gone. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the owner of Internet Explorer, Firefox seems to be racking in market share like there is no tomorrow according to Sydney Morning Herald.

  • Blogging

    My blog is worth $3,951.78 according to Technorati

    My blog is worth $3,951.78.How much is your blog worth? It turns out that my blog is worth a grand total of $3,951.78 US dollars (or is it Australian?) according to the number of technorati calculated incoming links and mentions of my blog. My previous weblog host LiveHouse.com.au is worth a nice sum of $57,018.54 (no where near what I got when I sold it) and my favourite SEO blog Seomoz.org is worth a crazy $2,397,036.84. Now, all I need to do is figure out how I can convert those numbers into real hard cold cash and buy myself a new car.

  • Interesting things

    People with free time loves to play with dominos

    I was bored and decided to surf youtube for something interesting, thats when I found hundreds of Domino effect related clips. It turns out that bored people like me likes to play with dominos, especially building them in a way so that they can cause a chain reaction to be filmed for other Youtuber’s enjoyment. One clip which really caught my eyes was a domino effect combined with multiple billiard tables.

  • Blogging

    The forumla for being a top Australian blogger

    As a search engine optimiser, I have always been interested in different types of lists which bloggers and authority figures conjure up. One recently list have caught my attention, and that is the infamous Top 100 Australian Bloggers list made by Meg. The aim of this list is to formulate the ultimate Australian Blogroll which ultimately provides Australian bloggers with the much needed attention it currently lacks.