• Interesting things

    My blog is now worth $27,097.92 according to Technorati!

    My blog is worth $27,097.92.How much is your blog worth? Not long ago, I made a blog post about my blog being worth a grand total of $3,951.78 USD, well now it has zoomed all the way up to $27,097.92 USD according to the cool widget made by Business Opportunity weblog which checks the number of inbound links from the almighty Technorati databases. Heck, I am finally closing in on $50,000 USD, gotta keep up the good work. By the way, for those who don’t know, this is completely fictionally and my blog is not really worth the advertised $27kUSD. Just to clarify things, my blog is not really of…

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Thinking up a topic for content generation via Keyword Research / Mining

    We’ve all had problems, one way or another, when it comes to content generation. Be it for a blog or for a company website, or even for a client of yours. The main problem which I will address in this post is the process of formulating a topic within your niche to write about, which is one of the most common problem you will encounter during your content generation process.

  • Rants

    Speeding Teens who can’t really drive

    Well, I have a few words I really want to say to you, and this has been on my mind for quiet some time now. You know all those times when you tail gate me, when you cut into my lane without indicating, run red lights, ignore everyone’s safety by speed and everything in between.

  • Search Related

    Supplemental Results Tag Removed from Google SERPs

    Just when I thought I found the answer to looking up Supplemental result pages within the Google Index, the giant search engine decides to completely remove the notion of “supplemental results” from their index. This doesn’t actually mean that they have removed all supplemental pages, they just removed the “label” of supplemental results from their index, where by giving us as webmasters no indication of whether or not our pages are seen as low quality or not.

  • Interesting things

    DC Marketing Missed Mobile Phone Call spammer fined $150,000AUD

    Well I’ll be damned, the missed call marketing company DC Marketing Europe was fined $150,000AUD on the 24th of July 2007 for breaching the Australian Spam Act between June and July of 2006. I for one have fallen victim to these extremely annoying and costly spam calls and have cursed the company behind it many times. Well now its time for us to rejoice as these spammers have got what they deserved.

  • How Tos

    How to check Supplementary Results on Google

    I have recently been riddled with supplementary results related questions at work and from clients, mainly after the recent Google update (Buffy) in April I believe. Unfortunately, Google also decided to remove the supplementary results checking command which we have all depended on for quiet some time. For those who can’t remember what it was here it is again.

  • Blogging

    Thanks for the free links

    Just wanted to say thanks to the people linking to me, actually means alot to me, even though I haven’t been posting much recently, its great to see that people actually still read my relatively senseless and sometimes boring posts. I will make more of an effort to post about SEO and related topics, after I close off some of my ventures =)

  • Blogging

    Comment spam continues to increase

    Is it just me or has comment spam increased recently, worse of all they are starting to read like read comments. I am actually getting comments which does not contain any links within the comment area and says things such as “I agree” or “Nice” or “cool”. Its as though they actually read my blog post!

  • Rants

    Too many email accounts for you to handle

    I have recently noticed that I open up a new email account for every new venture I under take. My initially thoughts were to keep each venture separate by all means, so that it doesn’t affect each other what so ever. My thoughts basically came from the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and following that seemed like a great idea at the time. Thats until I started losing track of where my emails were, the password as well as the login name.

  • Personal

    MDwebhosting suspended my account for no reason

    Mdwebhosting, my Australian web host decided to suspend my account for little to no reason one day (the 10th of June) to be exact. Atleast I thought it was for no reason at first, and I didn’t really have time to fix the problem due to a million things happening in my life. Fortunately, I had all my passwords and resource information on my Gmail account (thank god for Gmail) and was able to login to find out the reason why my account was blocked.

  • Blogging

    Link building by being a guest blogger

    More often than not, bloggers hit a mental brick wall which would hinder their creativity when producing new posts. Every blogger has experienced this at least once for many different personal and environmental reasons that forces them to stop blogging for a few days or even weeks. This is where a guest blogger comes in to save the day.

  • Search Related

    The Age says that Most search engine optimisation companies are ‘unethical’

    I hardly ever read The age, however I was lucky enough to read Aaron Wall’s seo blog which pointed to an article regarding search engine optimisation firms with in Australia. It turns out that recently, a well known SEO firm Found Agency, was penalised by Google for ‘unethical’ methods for their ranking. The Age took up this opportunity to quote anonymous ‘reliable‘ sources to bad mouth the SEO community in Australia.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Domain age as a ranking factor on Google

    Domain age, as the name states, is determined by the age of your domain, being an Australian blogger with an Australian domain, this usually works to my advantage. I say this because Austrailan domains, unlike other TLDs, have a minimum registration time of two years hence locking in my minimum domain age at two years instead of one. Australian domain names also have a barrier for entry as there are restrictions on who can own one and for what reason it can be owned for, this gives Australian domain slightly more trusts than cheaper generic TLDs.