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Well, been surfing the net mindlessly as I always do and I came across an interesting website which allows webmasters to sell links. I know you’re thinking that you’ve been there done that, however this advertising network has a twist, it allows publishers to sell links on all pages of their website independently (which is completely different to sitewide links).

With most great things, this website comes complete with all the tools you need to start and for bloggers, all you really need is to throw in a simple javascript block and you’re done (like all other ad publishing scripts). There are even tips on how to make your link look more natural for Google making it a lot more appealing to advertisers.

However, I guess the main selling point for Web publishers (bloggers in general) is the ability to sell links on all pages of your site and the ability to choose which advertiser you wish to publish on which page of your site. This helps your build relevancy between your advertiser and the people reading your page.

By building relevancy between your readers as well as the advertiser’s link, you increase the chance of someone clicking on the ad as well as the chance of them being actually performing a measurable action on the advertiser’s website.

As with other link selling websites, you get paid for the link which is placed on your page, however the price for the link is calculated via your search engine rankings. Nice and simple, which is definitely how we like it seeing how writing about a specific topic should be our main goal in blogging.

There is also a special offer up for TNX – Text Link Revolution over at Digital point forum which is giving away links from 5000 websites completely free of charge. I would suggest heading over there and checking out how to enter and getting your foot through the door before it gets sold out. You could also earn money via referring your fellow bloggers as well as friends to join TNX via their affiliate program.

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  • Jeff

    Thanks for this great post.

    I have been using TNX to sell links via TNX from my website since January 2008 and already earned more than I would earn in 5 months by selling links through any other networks.

    TNX is definitely the best link network out there!

    Will be also buying links later this month. Pretty sure TNX will do great.

    I have already told all my friends about this great system and the already joined under my affiliate link, so I am making additional income from my referrals =)

    Bravo, TNX!

  • Online Money Making

    Blogging has become the new way to internet. In the blogging community bloggers have an outlet to voice concerns on any topic they choose. There is a notion that blogging is a way to reach out and understand what society thinks, feels, and how they react to certain issues.

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