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Can blogging make you rich or not?

Recently, there has been many articles online and offline (on magazines such as Cosmo and Cleo – my fiance reads them) regarding people getting famous by blogging online. Of course fame and riches goes hand in hand in most cases and the people mentioned are most certainly a lot more well of than they were before they started blogging.

However, the question that still remains is, can you really make money by just blogging? As a fellow blogger, I have mixed emotions about this question, and for the most part of me the answer is yes. Though in all honesty, I do not believe you can become a millionaire just by blogging (of course there would be a small portion of rich bloggers who would disagree with me).

If you are, for example, very well versed in the English language and write like a novelist, then you MAY have a chance of striking a deal up for a book being written. However many of us DO NOT have the skill to write like a novelist, let alone write with proper grammar and correct spelling. Hell, I hardly ever proof read my blog posts before hitting the publishing button on wordpress (hence you will sometimes read stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all, I apologise for your inconvenience).

So, if you are like me and have a relatively mediocre life style, its probably best that you don’t blog about your personal life too much as being a nobody would means that nobody would want to read about your life. However, if you are the Greatest Living American (or Australian, or whatever it says on your passport) then posting your life stories would most definitely get you a large amount of readers and that is exactly what you need to succeed in making money via blogging.

Due to the way users read on the internet, I have once again decided to create a short lists of things you should and shouldn’t do if you wish to get rich by blogging. This is not a straight forward “If you do this you will be rich” list, its just some things I have noticed from famous (and rich) bloggers around the world.

Do list

  • Do talk about something you are passionate about
  • Do make friends with your commenters
  • Do let your hair down and be “true” to your posts
  • Do talk about your personal life if it is actually of interest
  • Do rant about things which people care about
  • Do diss the people you hate
  • Do praise your heroes
  • Do link out to related content
  • Do link out to your friends
  • Do link out in genera
  • Do make friends with people within your industry and add them to your blogroll (if you believe their blog is of value to your community of readers)

Don’t do list

  • Don’t write rubbish that no one reads
  • Don’t be pretentious  and lie
  • Don’t post things you don’t truly believe
  • Don’t make too many enemies (there is always social back lashes)
  • Don’t pick on other bloggers without a valid reason to do so
  • Don’t link to crappy websites or bad neighborhoods, you will lose trust with your readers
  • Don’t write things that make no sense to no one (you know who you are, stop writing stupid stuff and polluting the internet)
  • Don’t whinge about your life being crappy, no body likes a whinger
  • Don’t talk about your boss or the company you work for – this will get you fired
  • Don’t errr… Just don’t

Ok, I ran out of things to add, but either way, thats basically it, the dos and don’ts of the rich bloggers in the world. Then again, you’d really have to take what I say with a grain of salt since I’m not a rich and famous blogger (hey, what a way to disprove everything you’ve just read eh?).

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  • Andrew

    I had never considered blogging before, even although I run a business consultancy firm… it was all too “hit and miss”. We were set to launch a product to help people improve their businesses and a friend said he’d mention it on his blog. I was greatful, and a little interested as to whether anyone would read it. Aparently his blog’s readership was larger than I had imagined… Five days after the mention, there was an increase in traffic to our site and I had two days of client meetings booked… The power of a good blog.
    1. blog is good, but for commercial gain, one must have it feed through to a quality product or service offering
    2. blog is one of many tools to use in order to market your business
    3. allocate a reaonsable portion of time to your blog to ensure quality content to attract and retain readers

    Hobday Kurtz Business Consultants

  • Franck Silvestre

    While many bloggers have gone to make big bucks the reality is that 95 % of all blogs make less than $100 a month. So I would say making money solely from a blog is not enough. I’d prefer to use my homepage to make the real money and use my blog for the communication and other promotions.

  • card

    Yeah you can definitely make money blogging, but it’s like you said, as far as becoming a millionaire, that’s far and few in between, and very rare, and in order to do it, you really would need to provide something that would receive an insane amount of Traffic. I definitely agree that you should talk about something you are passionate about, otherwise you will find it hard to continue your work.


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