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AuctionAds – A new way for bloggers to earn money

I came across a new ads publishing medium called AuctionAds which displays eBay auctions related to your content. Much like Google Adsense, you are paid for every click as well as a commission (though only if the user who clicked through to the auction wins the item).

Unlike other ads publishing programs, their minimum monthly payout is $10 via Paypal, they also claim that they pay out 100% of eBay’s commission which implies they do not take a share of your revenue. Though it is debatable whether or not they do take a share in your revenue, there has been evidence that members have made in excess of $10,000USD / month via AuctionAds. So for people who don’t believe you can earn a living via blogging, they’ll need to reevaluate their business options.

Signing up to AuctionAds was a breeze and did not take more than 3 minutes to do so, there was also no manual screening of websites before the account was enabled. This raises a few concerns to publishers, however as the ads are directly from eBay, I can look the other way regarding the security of their publisher network. Like seriously, you can sell used undies on eBay so I really don’t think there are any websites which eBay don’t want their ads on.

For those who are concerned with placing these ads on their site because of Google Adsense, don’t worry any more as AuctionAds are not contextual based. This means that it does not conflict with Adsense Terms and Conditions so you can have the ads run side by side. You can also notify Adsense optimisation team if it bothers you a lot, however they will give you the same answer “If its not contextual, then its fine”.

Setting up the ad was as easy as entering the keywords you wish to target, changing the colours of the ad box to fit your website and choosing the size of the ad. All you need to do after that is copy and paste the javascript into your site and watch the clicks roll in.

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Looks cool doesn’t it? Join AuctionAds now and start earning for every click someone makes. Can’t go wrong with the minimum payout of $10 per month.

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