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Adsense Revenue dropped after using Competitive Ad filter

I have noticed a significant drop in traffic after I started using the competitive ad filter to remove MFA (Made for adsense) ads from my website. To be exact, my revenue dropped by 90% per day, it affect the CTR as well as average CPC. I, much like other Adsense publishers, are really anal about which ad we want to display and which we want to filter, and by using the the Competitive ad filter, we can achieve this to ultimately increase adsense revenue. Little did I know that the exact opposite would happen.

After seeing the drop in daily CTR as well as CPC, I saw a message from the Adsense Optimization Team, detailing what I can do to increase my Adsense revenue. It was no surprise to me that one of the tips (there were two tips) details my use of the Competitive ad filter and how it can drastically limit the number of ads which gets displayed to my visitors. Its funny how they send me this message after I used the filter for approximately two days, it seems strikingly obvious to me that Google (Adsense) does not wish for me to filter ads as it would more than likely damage their income.

Once I read the tip to remove my competitive filter, I checked how many websits I had in the filter and it came to the grand total of 15. So the Adsense optimisation team is telling me that the 15 websites I filtered (mind you they were basically spam websites) was what caused my dramatic drop in revenue. I refuse to believe that and as you may be speculating, they have penalised my website by reducing the ads being shown just to make me remove the filtered websites.

I have since removed the websites from the competitive ad filter and will post about it again, maybe next week, to see if there is any change in adsense revenue. I pray that there will be good news for me to talk about next week, as this drop in revenue is really putting a dent in my wallet.

Lesson is, don’t mess with Google if your income depends on their continual co-operation, at least not until you’re rich yourself.

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