So much to write, so little time to write it

I have recently been overwhelmed with work (at work) as a fellow colleague had to go on a Microsoft .net 2.0 course for a week. It seems that I have been put in the position where I must take on about 60% of his work load, which means I can’t really finish my own work, nor can I blog about SEO topics until the end of the week.

I may need to make a linkerati category so that I can speed link other bloggers or SEO news for this week. Actually, I may as well kick things off right now by linking to my favourite bloggers and the latest SEO news.

Francis being very linky

Did I miss out on anything major? If so let me know and I’ll put you on my radar so I can speed link you next

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  • Francis Lee

    I have so many half written blog posts on “draft” right now, mainly because there has been quite a few things happening in the SEO world and because I haven’t had the time to sit down and just complete these posts.

    I will probably make atleast one SEO posts tonight, can’t keep letting these posts stack up like this.

  • Michael Visser

    Maintaining a steady post frequency is critical to surviving in the SEO blog world, I know where you’re coming from.

    Christine’s blog was pretty cool, another person based in Brisbane.

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