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The powers of a united blogger’s network

I’ve been thinking recently of the possibility for a united blogger’s network of some sort. Basically a close knit network of bloggers whom specialises in the same field (or niche) and would comment on products and services within their niche. These different networks of bloggers will eventually have the power to control their specialised niche if they can come to a consensus of what they write.

That is of course the most ideal situation where all bloggers of a specific network actually agrees with each other. In reality though, bloggers tend to disagree with almost all topics and most have their own valid reasons to do so. However, if there is a time where the majority of bloggers agree on a topic and writes posts about the topic, this could have a significant negative of positive effect on the topic in question.

These topics could be anything of interest to the bloggers and their readers. This could include services, products, news, companies, individuals and theories. To make things a bit more clear, I have prepared a little “What if” scenario just to illustrate how powerful bloggers can be if they are able to unite as one.

Scenario 1: A general consensus of hatred towards a certain individual

There is absolutely nothing new about hatred on the blogosphere and I am pretty sure that at least one person reading this post would have had hatred upon them at some point of their online existence. However, when a combined number of bloggers decides to dislike one particular individual, the severity of the situation will elevate to something bit more damaging.

For example, if you are looking for a new job and you send in your CV to the company which you are hoping to work for. The person who receives your CV (either Human resources or your potential superior) would usually run a background search on you just to make sure you haven’t done anything questionable. Surprise surprise, they find all the posts from the bloggers who hates you and read about all the nasty (made up) things written about you. Now your chance of landing that dream career has been shattered.

Scenario 2: Multiple bad reviews on a product or service

As cautions consumers, we usually research a product or service on the internet before we make a decision to purchase. If a network of bloggers come to a general consensus of dislike or distaste against a product or service, it may potentially affect sales of the product and service in question.

This happens quite often in the Web Hosting world, where bad reviews are written about competing companies just so that it deters potential customers from even consider using a competitor’s service. Though these reviews are not usually in the form of a blog, they illustrate the power of bad reviews, and if combined with a network of high standing bloggers, it becomes a very deadly combination.

Of course, if there are bad reviews, there can be good reviews which would affect potential customers in a positive manner.

Scenario 3: Multiple postings of a theory which has no backing

In all honesty, this happens a lot in the SEO world. Many different A-list seo bloggers post seo techniques and methods which has little to no backing what so ever. But, due to their status within the blogosphere and a seemingly general consensus within the SEO blogging network, readers just assume its true without actually digging deeper into it to find out if talked about SEO technique actually works.

In a way, having a united blogger’s network is much like bringing all media mediums together to brain wash the readers. If everyone within a niche network can come to the same conclusion on a specific topic, the readers will believe it even if its not true at all. Depending on how much pull you have in the blogosphere, you can even make the sky green in the antarctic at about 3pm, as long as all 80% of the rest of the bloggers in your network say so as well.

Heck, I believe most of what I read on the internet as long as I can find a minimum of three different article mentioning the same thing.

This is how the internet will shape the society in the future and bloggers would be the ruler’s of minds.

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