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Stop Whaling by signing this petition

Haven’t blogged for awhile as it has been a very busy 4th quarter for me this year, however I definitely have time to spread word on whaling and how to stop it. Now I am all for seafood and stuff, but heck there needs to be a balance in nature and its come to the point where whaling needs to stop.

Although I have no idea how a petition can stop people from whaling, its worth a try, it would only take you 5seconds to sign this petition and if you believe that whaling needs to stop, then just jump on the below website.

Whales Revenge

5 seconds is all it takes so lets put a stop to this shall we. They are supporting a good cause and are trying to get 1 million people to sign the petition. Go green peace!

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  • Francis Lee

    By the way, if you play the game, you will realise that everytime you hit a Japanese whaling cruiser, Chinese people fall out. What the heck is up with that?

    Kind of racist if you ask me.

  • Michelle Roca

    Our Whales don’t deserve to be treated like this, our whales are a big part of environment without them our oceans would be polluted and many creatures will die and maybe extinct. The Whale watching industry makes more than 1 million Australian dollars a year, and is very good for our ecomomy, our whales are important and the Japanese people are killing more than 50 humpback whales and over 1000 Minky Whales per year and thats not very good.

    Yours Sincerly

    Michelle Roca.

  • simon chattington

    whaling must stop. thats just it. These sick people are disgusting, and they deserve nothing. The whales are incredible creatures and should not be treated this way. Together the world can stop the despicable killing of the whales. Why cant the japanese see this is wrong. Please sign the petition and show your love for the Whales and hatred for the whalers

    Yours sincerely


  • Jane Faiers

    Japan knows this killing in the name of “science” is morally wrong. It is done merely to supply the Japanese with whale meat.

  • Michelle Roca

    The only reason why they are fighting with our whales is because we import stuff from them we get many things that are made in Japan and they are sick of it. why do they need to hunt down whales for? Why can’t they just import some of our goods to Japan? Because our whales are more than just creatures, They are a way of life. I’m even writing to the Prime Minster about this. My teacher Mr. Grassi is a wonderful man who cares about the enviroment and wants whaling to stop. So his orginized that all 28 of us in the class will write a letter to Mr. Rudd telling him to make the Japanese people get off our seas!

    Yours sincerly,

    Michelle Roca.

  • CensusTaker

    Since whaling is purely econimically driven (and historically culturally acepted) in Japan the ONLY WAY to spot whaling is for actual Japanese people to start ebing against it, and limit the economic worth of such activites. Games like whalesrevenge, which racially parody Japanese will achieve the opposite of this goal, and just cause Japanese people, who may otherwise develope an anti-whaling stance, to dismiss our concenrs as racist.

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