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Plant a tree with Mount Franklin

Seems like quite a few big brands are endorsing being Green and caring for the planet. Take Mount Franklin (the bottled water company owned by Coke), they have decided to promote the planting of Trees around Australia to sustain life and build upon caring for the land.

In collaboration with Landcare Australia, Mount Franklin have given the opportunity to people who purchases a bottled water from Mount Franklin to contribute back to the community by planting trees on their behalf. I am not sure how it actually works but I am assuming Mount Franklin donates a portion of their profit to Landcare Australia for funding the planting of 250,000 Trees around Australia.

All you really have to do is buy a bottle of water, logon to and plant up to 5 days a day around Australia. Heck your tree even gets named after you. How cool is that (yes I am vain, but I know you are too). My two trees are named “Francisyptus” – otherwise known as Eucalyptus bridgesiana and “Francissia” – otherwise known as Banksia ericifolia.

Drink water, be safe and be Green.

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