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Mozilla Firefox racks in Microsoft Internet Explorer’s market share

firefox2.jpgIt wasn’t that long ago when Firefox was officially launched as a newly adopted Mozilla web browser, however comparing the current version of Firefox to how it was back then makes you realise how far it has gone. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the owner of Internet Explorer, Firefox seems to be racking in market share like there is no tomorrow according to Sydney Morning Herald.

When Firefox was launched in the year 2004, Microsoft did not see it as a threat and saw no competitive advantage of the young Mozilla based browser. Microsoft also stated that users would most likely not need the “Tabbed Browsing” feature which Firefox was so proud of.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, users loved the idea of tabbed browsing as well as the ability to change the theme of the browser and the ability to add a host of plugins. Funniest part is that Microsoft decided to add the tabbed browsing feature to their latest release of Internet Explorer (7.0), talk about being a hypocrite. Now Microsoft must be very upset to find that Firefox has approximately 25% browser market share within Oceania alone.

It just shows that you can’t look down on the smaller companies, especially when its Open Source. Many larger coporation look down on the power of Open Source projects as though they are sub standard software projects. However the reality is that open source software development attracts international attention as well as incredible amounts of talented people from all corners of the world.

That being said, I can safely the say the next best thing would be the Linux distro Ubuntu, a bundle of sexiness of usability mixed with the powerful Linux kernel. When I can completely for go all the programs I use on Windows, Linux would be my Operating system of choice.

Oh yeh, GO FIREFOX, Convert now or forever be a slave of Microsoft.

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  • Kyle

    It’s about time Mozilla gets the credit it deserves!

    It is so much more better, user friendly and safer to use then Microsofts product.

    Hopefully the user base gets stronger and stronger for Mozilla.

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