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Google’s second search bar helps users teleport!

Google has recently (Yesterday to be exact) added a second search bar within the Search results page to help users fine tune their results. This is in hope that users can get more specific results for a broader topic. This is what Google calls “Teleporting”.

According to Google’s Official blog, the teleportation funciton allows users to search within a site after making an initial search on Google.

“Through experimentation, we found that presenting users with a search box as part of the result increases their likelihood of finding the exact page they are looking for.” Google said on their blog. “For example, if someone is looking for official information about the Hubble Space Telescope on the NASA website, one might first search for [NASA] and then [NASA Hubble Telescope], like this:”


Not 100% sure how many people will actually notice this feature, but it gives you more reason to build a quality / authoritative website so that Google would give you a chance of having extended listings as well as teleportation for your website on the SERPs. Interesting concept, I would like to see statistics behind how many people use it, how people use it and when they would actually use it (what search term, and what they search for there on).

If Google can provide the added search statistics for a website on Google’s Webmaster Tools, that would help webmasters determine which pages they need to work on (SEO wise) to get it ranking so that users no longer need to use the search bar. Or if content is not available under those search terms, they could utilise the data to generate the content appropriate to the search queries.

All I need now is to find out how I can get extended listings on my websites, that would definitely boost my traffic four folds.

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