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Google maps tells you to swim!

I got an email at work regarding a very funny experiment you can do with Google Maps. Just follow the following steps and you’ll get a very funny instruction from Google Maps. This funny experiment with Google Maps cant get you from New York to London in under 63 steps!

Follow these steps (in order of course)

  1. go to
  2. click on maps
  3. click on get directions
  4. Type in “new york” to “london, england ” (in the two boxes)
  5. click on Get Directions
  6. scroll down in the directions to number 24


Hmmmm interesting….

Maybe Google should think of different alternatives, heck if they introduced a Plane route, they can even start advertising different airlines and their special prices. They’ll make a killing if they integrate it with Google maps for back packers.

For example, taking the steps above and morphing it slightly with airline advertisements would get the following deviation.

  1. Merge onto Atlantic Ave
  2. Turn right at Central St
  3. Turn right at Long Wharf
  4. Catch a Taxi to your closest Airport
  5. Get on the flight VA839 Virgin Atlantic Airlines for the low price of $1999 (ex tax)
  6. Arrive at the London Airport
  7. Catch a Taxi to your destination

If this really does happen, remember you heard it here first!

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