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Get your free Joost invites here

Ok, I forgot to write about me giving away free Joost invites for those who are interested in Beta testing. Yes, Joost is still Beta hence the restricted access (think Google Gmail), however I will now dispense my unlimited invites to those who are interested.

All you need to do is leave a comment with your name and email address so that I can send you the invite. I do ask in return a small tiny intsy bitsy little favor, and that is to add a link to my site from your site. It doesn’t cost you anything, but means a lot to me. If possible, take the link condom off, I’d appreciate that.

Founder of UnicornGO, Visugu and Pixelsquare. I am an Aussie with a passion for building sustainable and scalable businesses servicing the mid to enterprise tier clients. Have an idea that need funding? Reach out to me and we can have a chat.


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